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No Fees, No Repairs.

Cash Offers.

Peace of Mind.

A change in finances or life situation can mean the difference between a home and a burden.

We help people to start fresh, 

no matter where they finished.

If you have considered selling your property for any reason, we can assist your plans.

Five Eight Holdings purchases properties, including multi-family homes and rentals, from those looking to get out from under ownership.

We can provide seamless, swift transfer of ownership and a different set of benefits over working with a traditional broker.

Your property would be purchased for cash in as-is condition – you will not be required to make any repairs or pay any realtor fees or other closing costs.  

Transactions that are painless and simple, amounting to, essentially, turning over the keys.

Circumstances can change and you may decide to consider other options, but we can provide a solution for you to move forward.

Reach out. Let's find your solution.

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We've helped people in different situations to move forward. 

We can help you, too.

Fresh Start | Ellington

The couple had lived in their 950-square-foot house for more than 20 years. When they decided to divorce, realtor after realtor informed them the house required too many repairs to sell. They didn’t have the money to make the repairs and bills were piling up.

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Caring for Family | Southington

Two brothers raised in this family-built home wanted to sell the property and use the proceeds to ensure their mother's comfort in her nursing home situation. A number of incomplete projects in the house, however, meant it wouldn't qualify for traditional financing.

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Stress Relief | New Milford

Two sisters inherited their mother's home. And while they loved it, the house had not been updated for decades prior to their ownership. Time passed and the stress of constantly breaking items and expense of necessary repairs made them realize they needed to find a more low-maintenance home. 

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